We meet again by chance - We meet again by chance

We meet again by chance - We meet again by chance

 One rainy afternoon, listening to the song of Thai Chau singer meet again by chance, thinking about you again, although the meeting last year was not by chance...


- If you leave me, I will go to school

- Oh my god, what's wrong, father, I thought only Mrs. Lan went to become a monk, why are you a man, why are you talking so bad? For the crime of lying, I had to carry you down the mountain.

Talking like that, I bent down to carry it, even though you punched me in the back for fear of falling, the road was narrow, steep and dark, the crescent moon on the top of the sky was not bright enough for my footsteps. It was also the first time and The last time you went to the temple with me, even though before the Buddha I prayed for you and me to be together forever.

Nha Trang where we connect. At that time, I was running away from my unhappy past after a breakup at the age of 23. You came to me like a destiny. I struggled and struggled with whether I should accept your love, when you were too young to be able to help me overcome social prejudices and family barriers. In the end, I lost to your persistence. I close my eyes to love and defy.

crystal-co-gap-each other

The first day he took me home to debut, he said that he temporarily please his parents and then slowly he said later. I'm sure my parents will love me. Trust me. Although it is very annoying when my parents ask about the situation that I dare not talk about, I don't know what else to do. My parents love me very much, after a few times they asked to bring betel nut and areca to pick me up. We keep making appointments for the next three years.

He works in the sea. Floating day and night on the waves. I'm on the mainland going to work and waiting. I'm afraid that you will be sad every night, I call and sing to you, until you pretend to sleep, I turn off the phone and don't forget to say my wife good night, try to wait for me more time, if my parents don't accept, I I can also support each other when we are alone, I love you very much, will try my best to make up for you. I cried because of love, because of joy, that feeling later and forever I will not find can be seen anywhere.

Every time we go back home, we roam together, in the afternoon I cook the dishes you like to eat, then invite me to sit on a basket for you to row around on the sea, I take you to the shrimp farming brothers. Lobster, I rest my head on the side of the basket and feel happy. Late at night, resting his head on his shoulder, sitting on the wharf looking at the moon on the sea, and listening to the waves crashing at his feet after drinking with friends. In three years, you have never hurt me, only I sometimes find random anger and anger for you to comfort. For example, you don't let me go diving because once I almost choked because of a problem with the air pipe, but I also secretly did it because I wanted to make a lot of money to support the future. I often say how much life is not enough for me to love, why waste it. It seemed like every moment he cherished.

It is said that husband and wife together is predestined, so what is love when we meet each other? That is a question that I have not been able to answer in my whole life, so that when we are not together like this, I have a reason to stop tormenting.

For eight years you were away from me, for eight years I was tired of searching, waiting, hoping. I am the most cruel woman in the world. I want you to think that way for you to feel less pain and less hate.

After the party night at the company, I borrowed the yeast to confess to your mother after days of struggle and deception. But it's also true, I was drunk but had to drink my tongue a hundred times before I could say the sentence: "Mom, I'm sorry, I'm the one who once had an unfinished business and had a child of my own, I didn't dare to say it. with you, I lied to you and the whole family, the clan"

At that moment, I heard her dumbfounded, that terrible silence seemed to last forever. I broke my thigh to muster up the courage to say it.

Then I burst into tears, crying until I couldn't breathe. The other side also cried. Mom said: "why are you like this, why are you lying to my parents. Now all my relatives and aunts and uncles know it, why am I facing them, and how should I talk to his paternal side, son? , and your father, thinking about it, mom couldn't. And Hai, his future too, how could he..." At that point, he was silent, the kind of person that couldn't open his mouth to say more, explain I like it more, it's compressed like a tree tied by a string, shrinking, frustrated and choking

Mom said again: "I love you very much, but I'm sorry, if you also love me, please break up with it. One more time, I'll see you, teacher said that if you two get married, Hai will die, my dear, if you do. If you don't die, you will live together forever. My mother told me, she lied to me, she said she can't let go. I know she loves me now she can't let go, I only look at you.

She was silent again, a silence deep in tears of despair. At that moment, my pride and love for you made me agree.

I forgot you in the most stupid and childish way, I chose to get drunk, and joke with my friends, and then at night I despise myself, curse myself badly. I said goodbye curtly and cruelly. to the point where he couldn't let himself sober up for a month. I found you hiding, I called you to lock the phone. I just said that I'm not suitable, I miss others. That's why it satisfies a heart that loves and trusts me so much.